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We can plan, implement, and supervise the drilling of your oil and gas wells. We have the capability to perform all activities involved in operations from well design and staking locations, tendering and contracting to final well completion and putting production on stream.

Key Benefits

bulletCost savings from efficient well planning and contracting
bulletEfficiency through experienced and knowledgeable supervision
bulletMinimize reservoir damage  
bulletIncrease Safety


Well costs and the severity of reservoir damage significantly effect the success of a project. We can provide a total engineering team who will work closely with other engineering disciplines to achieve your drilling objectives. After a well plan has been developed, we will tender and contract all rig and service contractors to assure that pricing is the most competitive.

We have experience drilling through high pressure formations, in areas of high temperatures, and in fields with high H2S.  We can drill under-pressure reservoirs using foam.  We can plan and drill extended reach and  horizontal wells.

Whether in deep water offshore  or a remote international location, we can conduct operations from start to finish. 

We have experience using drilling barges, jack-up rigs, drillships and  deepwater semi-submersibles.
We will perform drilling operations using the latest land rigs to depths up to 25,000 feet.
 Adverse Conditions
We can drill wells that exhibit high formation pressures, temperatures or H2S.
 Extended Reach and Multi-lateral wells
We can reach further to hit targets not accessible by vertical drilling and to intersect the reservoir with the optimal inclination to enhance production. Additionally,  multi-lateral reservoir sections can be drilled and completed to increase productivity.


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