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We can perform all your geological and geophysical tasks, quickly and economically. Tasks that we can perform include but are not limited to, structural mapping, stratigraphic mapping, well log analysis, and seismic interpretation.

Key Benefits

bulletIntegration of Geology and Geophysics
bulletAlways Alert for Undiscovered Development Opportunities
bulletIdentification of Reservoir Characteristics and Compartments


The key to understanding the performance and potential of a field is grasping the geologic framework and petroleum system.  We can map your fields using all available data and gain the geologic understanding necessary to efficiently develop them. We will integrate your 3D/2D seismic data with well control and whatever other geologic data is available. Working closely with reservoir engineers, reservoir compartmentalization will be recognized and mapped. Behind pipe, field extension, and deeper potential reservoirs will be identified. We will help you locate opportunities and maximize the potential of your field.

2D/3D Seismic interpretation and Mapping 
Using either paper sections or work stations we can interpret and map all your existing seismic data. We will make recommendations as to reprocessing or special processing. We will also make recommendations as to the need for shooting additional seismic to fully define your field's limits and potential.
Integration of Well and Seismic Data
All available well logs can be integrated with the seismic interpretation to produce depth maps. Through the use of modeling we can use seismic attributes to predict reservoir characteristics.
Delineation of Reservoir Geometry
The delineation of the geometry of a field's reservoirs is key to efficient development. We can map your reservoirs. We will produce net and gross thickness, porosity, iso-hydrocarbon, and a variety of other maps to help define your reservoirs.   Using techniques, such as the interpretation of depositional environments, we can predict the boundaries of  reservoirs in areas of sparse data.
Integration of Geology with Reservoir Properties 
Working closely with reservoir engineers, we can map reservoir characteristics, relate them to the geology, and produce maps that will predict reservoir performance throughout the field.


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