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We can help maximize the potential of your fields by providing consulting services that will assist in determining the optimum systems, procedures, and equipment from the reservoir to the tanks.

Key Benefits

bulletDetermine Optimum Artificial Lift Systems
bulletSchedule and Design Efficient Workover Programs
bulletDesign Optimal Completions


The economics of your fields can be highly impacted by the techniques and equipment that are used to produce your oil and gas. Maintenance is also highly critical. Working closely with reservoir engineers, we can evaluate your fields and determine if you are using the correct equipment, if your wells have had proper maintenance, and if the most advantageous completion techniques have been used. We will make recommendations as to how to make improvements and increase economic returns. 

Maximize Artificial Lift Systems
Every field is different and the lift system that is used can make a great difference in the economics of your field. We can analyze your  field and determine the lift system that will maximize your economic return.
Maintain Wellbore Efficiency
Through time, your wellbores can lose their productive capacity. We can evaluate your wells and determine if, when, and what type of workovers are necessary.
Recommend Completion Techniques and Procedures
The completion techniques that are used on a well can be extremely critical in determining their productive capacity. The wrong technique can damage a reservoir, so that, a potentially good well can become uneconomic. We can recommend the technique that will result in the optimum productive capacity for your wells.


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